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Designed with key principles of Self-Determination Theory

Infinitwe provides a platform of social support, self-efficacy and motivation to empower you to achieve your health goals.

Friendly-Designed Content Management System

Managing health conditions is easier, safer, and more reliable with our dual interfaces.

An easy app for your parents and paid caregivers to use

Gain visibility, stay informed, and coordinate efforts between your family and friends.

Foster Better Habits for Managing Health Conditions

Set activity goals, track progress and see improvement

Monitor and record vital signs outside of the doctor’s office

Educate about changes in health conditions

Connecting Patients, Their Families and Paid Caregivers


Show the breadth and impact of paid caregivers’ activities

Coordinate the efforts of that small group of friends and family who want to help

Survey patients and families about satisfaction with your services

Let caregivers see how important they are to patients and their families

Send “Boosts” to Change
Mental Models and Build upon Relationships

Create thoughtful messages with our boost engine so that your loved-one receives motivational messages to support their progress

Encourage personal sharing to build relatedness

Build upon your vision with personal photos, quotes, and much more to guide you through your healthcare journey

A Bio-Psycho-Social Perspective

Self-Determination Theory

  • Intrinsic Motivation – Set goals and log personal inspirations.
  • Immediate Feedback – Get progress updates real-time for immediate gratification of your efforts.
  • Self-Efficacy – Build confidence that you can accomplish sustainable changes through setting and meeting attainable goals.
  • Social Support – Make sustainable changes with reinforcement from a few people who encourage and help you.

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